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The Mind of Nox

I tried to find something other than a boring topic to discuss so I started looking through AJ’s world building site at what was built and what wasn’t. While AJ already talks about Ad Aetatem I’m going to expand upon it. The link basically talks about the rituals. I’ll talk about mine specifically and what it really means to the Venatori.

I’ve said before every Venatori child comes through the Academy after the age of 13 regardless of where they live. This is a filter of sorts. We are taught what it means to be Venatori, about the hidden world around us, and what the Clandestine Providence is and how to enforce it. Those of us who can wield the elements are taught control, and we are taught to use our mental ability to the best of the Venatori knowledge. Not all abilities are trainable, understandable but not always trainable.

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