The Future

I’m in a weird head space right now. I won’t deny that it’s a bit of mass confusion on my part. Warring thoughts. Wanting things that are out of reach. My story mixed with Angel and Zane. Stories AJ follows linger in my head. (And when I say my I really mean AJ’s).

AJ wants to skip the fanfic crossover thing and just wrap up this arc for me. We are so close to the end. AJ can taste it. There’s a potential novel length story coming for Sage and the entire drop into my world with his own bits of story thrown in. Which is one reason AJ wants to finish up my Arc.

Sterling still has her story to tell. Dev and Dee have stories to tell. There is plenty to write, and I’ll see about giving way to them because they are all still my story. And it’s all my world. I think AJ is thinking about after this arc is done. There is so much confusion and turmoil to deal with after it comes to an end. My life will never be happy. And even if it is for a little while, eventually people will die.

I sigh… just fuck – depressing as fuck!

Alright probably a bit too spoileresque. I’ll stop.

6 thoughts on “The Future

    1. Thanks. I’ll survive I’m sure.

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    1. She’s fine. I’m not bringing her down too much… except maybe in the sleep department. But I’m not keeping her up so that’s a plus.

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      1. Oh, that’s good. If you keep her up, it might make her do even worse things to you just to make things even. :(

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      2. nods emphatically yes. It has been known to happen hangs head sadly they are usually my idea and she takes it to a WHOLE new level

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