I love when I see my views spike here. It means someone else found an interest in my ramblings. Sometimes I wonder how many times someone can hit my home page though cause 38 views in a few hours is a lot. I’m not sure how that’s generated. It’s weird. I wonder if it’s the infinite scroll? I dunno without being able to track more granularity AJ says I dunno either.

I’ve been doing this for 9 months straight. For nine whole months you’ve been listening to me ramble. I have to give some of you credit cause that’s a long ass time to listen to my drivel.

There are three months left in the year for AJ’s year long challenge. It worked! I think we got past the publishing fear. So much so that all my stories are here. They aren’t the best edited versions. But AJ hopes maybe one day that will change, but I’m happy to leave them here in their format. And AJ is too. She wants to move on to bigger and better stories. We are in the second to last book from the end of this story arc. After that is uncharted territory, but have no fear I’m going no where.

I heard those groans of misery.

Again, thank you all for reading. I love your feedback and your comments. And I love chatting.

Oh and a side note. If you haven’t already checked it out AJ has another blog with a new story on it. Angel and Zane are pretty awesome!

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