Homage to the Daily Post

Why does it always happen where I use something to give you an info dump and then the next day a better word comes at me. Yesterday AJ launched her new blog. Yesterday I used coincidence to convey that message to you. Was it just a coincidence? I don’t think so. I think someone is messing with me.

I mean why not, the universe is giving me the big “Fuck you” right now anyway so why not here where I’m more self aware of things that are going on. I should be focuse on my own story, The First Vestige. Instead I’m listening to AJ ramble on about how her Vue.js application and her Laravel backend had to be rewritten because it was easier to make Vue behave like she wanted. She’s happier, but it’s a tenative solution since AJ’s never happy with the code… like ever.

My five miniutes of writing time are up. AJ’s back to work.

Note: My homage to the daily post!!