Malec Fanfic

AJ can’t find some of her favorite fan fic so I choose one. AO3 is AJ’s fan fic store house of choice there are many others out there, but Archive of our own is her favorite. I we were doing Dragon Age: Inquisition Fan fic well I could easily point out 3 of AJ’s favorites! And I still might – such an epic story.

Anyway. This fanfic takes place at the end of the Season 2. It’s cute. There is a little head hoping in it. A little jarring but it’s Malec I guess we want to see what both the boys are thinking.

AJ’s got her Nano project planned out. Still working on a plot. And we still have to finish The First Vestige before we can write that one. But we’ve a month and a week left to finish it. You might all still be reading it in Novemeber, but we’ve not decided if we’ll make you wait on the potential crossover fanfic AJ plans to write for November. It’s a tri-crossover. Lots of Demons, Shadowhunters AND Supernatural maybe a video game dream twist on it. At least that’s how it’s looking at the moment. It should be a fun write.