About Me


I’ve been watching a lot of the idiot box. Starting with a crap ton of Sage’s and Dev’s favorite movies. Most of Sage’s consist of heroes or cowboy movies.
I prefer the heroes but I’ll watch what he tells me to. As a change of pace they through in space age crap. The stuff that isn’t real. I can hear you now.
You aren’t real who the fuck are you to talk? At least I’m from this planet.

Aliens… scary pop out of your chest type? or the cute extend your neck type either way they are all kinda out there. But I guess if magic is real why not aliens right? hehe? I’m not real…

Tell that to AJ, when I keep her awake at night. I am real in her head. I have a life and a job and family and friends. I mean otherwise I’d not be talking to you right now.

So okay Aliens could be real… But I haven’t seen any.

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