Hansel and Gretel

Why do we call the list of navigation links on some websites breadcrumbs?
I mean Hansel and Gretel left breadcrumbs so they could find their way but the birds ate them and thus they got lost in the woods. The pebbles were what lead them home the first time. Breadcrumbs got them lost.

So why the reference?

But I dirgress. I’m following AJ’s breadcrumbs in my current story. Slowly but surely things are becoming more known. We had a few things come up. We know things, and more things come to light next month. All these breadcrumbs AJ has been laying. With each passing tale and each ending, AJ has a complete list of things that must happen. And I’m just following the breadcrumbs to the end. But I’m still getting lost in the journey too. Thanks birds!

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