I am pretty anal about what I eat. I eat healthy but I don’t sacrafice flavor for that. My favorite breakfast is a flavorful fritatta made with tomatoes, basil and bacon. You can’t go wrong with bacon.

I probably eat more bacon than I need to. But bacon… drools

Alright I’m done.

I talk a lot about a chicken salad, it’s not mayo based and I love it on rye bread with cheese. Not so healthy but I do have my indulgences.

Since AJ never actually decided exactly what that chicken salad looked like I decided I’d find one I’d eat. So here you go chicken salad recipe. And guess what? BACON!!!!

My favorite dinner is steak and roasted root vegetables. It’s really simple and I don’t need a recipe for it. Any root vegetable on a cookie sheet with salt, pepper and other spices you might like and a little olive oil roasted until tender in the oven. Works with potatoes, yams/sweet potatoes, carrots, etc. Probably would go well with asparagus too.