There are finite amount of times I can pretend to be happy. My dreams aren’t exactly a place I can hide in. And having a boyfriend who can walk into my dreams anytime he wants makes things difficult.

Dev saved me from my nightmares. He earned the right to come and go in my head as he pleased. He didn’t do it on purpose, but I was blocking him hard during the day. So he stole into my dreams and kept my mind from reeling.

Sage and Dee were jealous. At least on the inside. Dev said they couldn’t hide from him. But I hadn’t actually noticed, but then again I’m caught up in my own drama.

The darkness was replaced with the strange dream landscape and the barren tree and flickering images as my mind changed. Dev and I met under the tree near every night. We spoke in drips and drabbles. I only remembered parts of conversations.

I knew he was upset about Dee’s predicament. A demon right under his nose and he never even knew she was its play thing. He was beating himself up over it. I was lost in my own misery and only in my dreams when we were nothing but raw emotion did I see it. I was a bad boyfriend.

You’d think that the sexual attraction would be carried into our night time meetings, but it wasn’t. It was sweet and tender and there was very little sex. I’m not going to say we didn’t because that would be a complete and utter lie. And I don’t think you’d believe me anyway. But the sex was raw when it happened, it was filled with raw emotions and everything was heightened. And one or both of us woke in the middle and that was disappointing, even lying together in bed. Which we weren’t more often than not. I curled back up in Sage’s arms and he’d pull me close and I’d drift back to sleep but Dev wasn’t there. I needed both of them like I needed air.

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  1. wow, intense and yet so good. Great job on this piece!

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    1. it’s alright. We’ll work it out.

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