Bad Moods

To elevate my moods, Sage and Dee decided I needed to go clubbing. I refused to go. And neither of them were strong enough to drag me out the door physically. And by the time Dev got home, he was too tired to want to go so he was more than happy to stay home.

But Dev was the wiser of the three, he stole my phone from my back pocket and flipped open my favorite playlist and hooked up the bluetooth stereo system in Sage’s living room and blasted the music.

It was late, thankfully if was Friday night and when Drake stumbled down the stairs to see why there was loud music streaming in our living room I scooped up my little dragon and we danced our way around the living room. Fae sat on the steps watching and Matt was in the middle of it when he walked in the front door. Between the two of us Matt was adjusting quickly to his new life. He had school, he made friends. And because he was Venatori and athletically inclined he was readily accepted by the popular kids, I wouldn’t let him play football or wrestle, but anything else I was okay with. He seemed keen on archery and basketball. He still had to be careful with his speed and strength but the with physical contact prohibited I wasn’t worried too much.

Sage and Dee got me dancing, Dev got to relax though I did pull him onto our make shift dance floor for a single song. He disliked dancing, he could do it, his mother had taught him, but he preferred to sit the side lines.

The boys had all scurried to their rooms when Drake started giddily playing with water. He got braver the tired her got and they knew sleep was well past time and Drake did too as he curled up in Fae’s arm and was asleep before they were even on the second stair. Dev and I shared some quiet moments together, lost in thoughtful flirting while Dee and Sage made out now that the four of us were alone.

Dev and Dee spent the weekend nights here, it was easier for them since they were here anyway, not that either of them had normal 9 to 5 jobs. Not even Sage had one of them. And I got bored quickly so this was their way of entertaining me on my bad days. Which were a lot more prevalent these days.