Lost Friend

The orange door to my new bedroom reminded me of the fire curling their way up the curtains. The memory of my mother spitting at me, calling me a monster as fresh in my mind. I saw her mouth move, I heard the hatred in her beautiful voice. I hugged my only friend to my chest as I sat on my bed waiting to meet my roommate. His name was Aaron. I’d met him in the sitting room with Mr. Lance. But I was all alone right now – waiting for Mr. Dorian to come back for me.

Fear and Mushu were my only friends. I tasted fear, I could smell fear. I felt fear running through my veins like ice. I saw my breathe in the air like a cold winter’s day.

The door burst open and a big black boy walked in. His lips were huge, his ears flapped like Dumbo and he work a red baseball cap backwards like some gangster on TV. Not that I’d seen much TV. His eyes were black and they stared a hole through me. I saw nothing but hatred in his eyes. I hadn’t done anything to him, but he hated me. He knew what I was. Like my mother he hated. me.

I got up off my bed and took a step towards the boy – my roommate. I stuttered, “I’m sorry….” But before I could say anything else he snatched Mushu from my arms and held him high above his head.

I jumped trying to get Mushu back. I started to cry. “Give him back.”

Aaron climbed up top of his bed and dangled the little dragon from his hands above my head. I could feel the fury rising, see the orange glow of fire starting. I saw it catch the sheets fire, and then the alarms blared, startling me and more fire leapt up. Aaron jumped from the bed leaving Mushu sitting up top.

I started for the bed to get my friend but hands were wrapping around my tiny waist and whisking me away from the fire. “Come on, Nox, we have to get you out.”

“No, Mushu.” I cried. But no one listened.

I kicked and screamed and the hands let me go, but there was a wall of air blocking my way I couldn’t save Mushu. I sat on the other side while the fire burned and Mushu died, screaming a silent death. My friend lost in the fires of my fear and anger. My fault….

My name is Nox Sétanta. I am first and foremost a fictional character escaped from the mind of my creator AJ. In layman's terms I'm a magic wielding monster hunter born to my human mother and my Venatori father.

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