Binding Ritual

The nights had been long after my hunger passed. But with Tony’s help and his love we conquered the hunger. I can now survive again on the blood of man without ripping their throats out. There have been missions. But Tony and I have spent most nights alone together finding oneness with each other. But our kinds do not mix. Embraced and Primeval do not mate, do not wed, but Tony wishes to bind us together. Love.

I don’t know if that is what I feel. Love was never given to me in life, nor ever in death. My parents died when I was young. My uncle and his wife never cared for me, I was just another puppet for him to use and feed. Until I ended his life as I ended many others. The darkness inside only tempered by the heart of one man – a vampire who I’d met when he was 10.

Funny thing about being immortal. Time passes. I never age. Tony grew from a boy to a teenager and then into the man he became. Timeless and immortal and able to walk the daylight. At least one of us could. Food was hard to come by for me. Death lingered around every bite. Humanity was in danger.

There was a girl strung out in the might for the wolves to devour. Sacrafice. Demented child – cursed child. Those words whispered through the village we’d stayed in. Her name was Mia. I was to feed. I could kill without harm, but a boy stepped from the shadows to save this girl. A bargain struck. Food for immortality. Never to suffer again under human dominion.

And thus the boy and the girl joined me. Thus was made my Lesser Chevalier. We roamed the earth for months together. The four of us. Until my maker found me. He was only one of the 11, but he was more fatherlike than any. He found the slaughtered village. Or the remains of it. Broken husks, bones scattered to the wind. Magic used to keep it away. Memories broken and old.

Forbidden love. He blamed Tony. Blamed Francesco when it was they who had saved me. They that kept me from killing more. The darkness stirred inside. It saught to find a way out. To kill, to maim, to let blood, to taste the fear and the elixir of life. But he didn’t see it. He never saw the darkness inside. The darkness that could be if not for my love, my light, my knight.

We were given one last night. We lay together in the magic of the druid glen. Prayed to the earth. To the light and the life and the world. Saught a miracle.

Our prayers answers were answered when we woke. Knowledge of a bond forever unbroken – Chevalier of vampire to human and vampire to vampire. One heart one death forever tied together. Souls departed, sent to the afterlife into the darkness. But with the knowledge a bond – a living vine etched into skin. Bright red rose bloomed strong, thorns dug deep into the skin, letting blood drip when pain came. Forever to know he was a live. To be tied to the soul of another.

And it was with an unknown embryo that we departed forever. Except it wasn’t forever…

My name is Nox Sétanta. I am first and foremost a fictional character escaped from the mind of my creator AJ. In layman's terms I'm a magic wielding monster hunter born to my human mother and my Venatori father.

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