Blood Lust

The pain was excruciating. It felt like my insides were about to rip out of of my body. Blood covered my hands. Cold, sticky and dead. It clung to my skin. The coppery smell sent my stomach into spasm as I fled the scene. The fire behind me burned and would burn until the body was gone. Nothing more – nothing less. Just the body.

The stench of hair and flesh burning permeated the air but all I could smell was the blood on my hands. I ran from the scene. Ran from the first duty I had preformed. Ran from the fire that burned bright into the darkness. Ran from my hunger.

But the hunger followed. It scoured my body until it was empty. I needed to feed. Fear and lust, animals nothing was sateing the hunger like it should.

The call for blood urged me forward and away from man and their beating hearts. Into the darkness, only to come upon another village quiet in the depths of slumber. There was no bright fire light. No smell of death or burning flesh. Nothing to make my stomach recoil in horror.

Hearts beat in huts made of wood. Thump-thump. Thump-thump. The call of blood rose. The sound of hearts beating to that single rhythm of life. There was nothing but a blur of time. I saw red. I felt the warmth running down my throat. The sounds of life began to fade as the screams picked up.

Fire burnt the air. Screams peirced the fog of my lust. Echos of the last heart beats before the distinct snap of the vertebraes to end a dying light ceased the echos.

House after house. I rained terror upon their lives. None got away. None survived my hunger brought on by 20 years of neglect by my sires. The villiage was red with blood. My only saving grace was the tall figure who walked into the shadows of my hiding spot when day came.

He found me shuddering from a blood high. Bodies all around. Dead and dying. I could hear gasping nearby. My dark knight held me in the shadows. Pressed his warm lips to my forehead as I fell into the sleep of the dead.

When I woke it was night. My dark knight held me but two forms stood above me. I looked up at the towering man. I knew him. I knew him well. He was a friend. He was a sire. I hadn’t know it before, but now I knew. I could feel his blood coursing through me in judgement. His voice echoed in my head. “You should not have been so hungry.” The girl shirked away from me but he grabbed her neck and forced her to bed knee to look me in the eys. His voice was strong and commanding. “Cari Giovanni you will tend this girl. She is of my blood but from this day forward she is yours. Yours to command and control. This girl is your punishment for the crimes committed her. Teach her well or you will find death comes to even you.” This 8-year old embraced vampire girl.