I forgot to post a new post yesterday. I still have my streak going cause of a story, but I forgot to post a new one.

I got one today. AJ had a really busy day yesterday between birthday parties and grocery shopping. It was an all day affair.

We did watch my favorite movie though – Guardians of the Galaxy. It used to have more meaning for me back when I was slated to fall in love with Dorian. But its one of the few movies I will watch the sequels to willingly and without being prompted. Hell I’d even ask to see the second one. That should be a thing AJ. When we get to the release year/month. I’m still in 2015.

Tomorrow I should be back with prompts of some kind. Not sure the music video thing works for me but hey it was a shot. I hated getting rap songs and that kinda turned me off to the whole random bit.