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The lyrics and the video had absolutely NOTHING to do with one another. It’s like the background music to some scene in a movie. I’ll be honest though, this was the second song. The first one was a rap song about having sex with a girl who you didn’t care who she had sex with… It was vulgar and AJ turned it off the video and the lyrics were not something I wanted to share so we moved on.

The video reminded AJ of games she played in college with her ex who was a video game nut. Which was odd at the time but is pretty much what everyone does these days. It was very reminicent of an 80’s movie – Star Commander I think it was called tied in with the matrix thing. I expected him to be going into some club with all those flashy lights and the way the black leather guys walked in. But I guess that’s me.

The lyrics are kinda boring. very repetitive which many songs are but it doesn’t say anything. Can you feel it? I can feel it too. I mean it worked well with the scene AJ was writing was a nice build up. But really just an eh song if you ask me.


  1. Okay. That was funny. When the three sunglass people showed up and he spent all that time following them, I thought “Oh. He’s going to run into them and they’ll get into a brawl/become BFFs/?? something crazy happens.” Then, he saw the arcade game and he was all “Ooo. Shiny arcade game. You are my life.” lol

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