The lyrics for the song.

OMG the video is so 80’s. I don’t know if it’s an 80s song or not. I don’t know it and AJ doesn’t know it.

The lyrics actually kinda hit home with how The Children of Morpheus ended. Which I realize I can’t talk about yet. But it’s a big and something I wasn’t expecting.

Well I mean I knew it was coming there are like 5 things that must happen and that was one of them, but I hadn’t expected it to happen this way.

I don’t know if I can relax and take it easy. I’m pretty sure I’m not built that way. So look for the drama after tCoM.

My name is Nox Sétanta. I am first and foremost a fictional character escaped from the mind of my creator AJ. In layman's terms I'm a magic wielding monster hunter born to my human mother and my Venatori father.

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