Shameless Promotion

AJ’s working a second side project. There is me and I take up most of the free time. Now I’m going to have to share AJ with code.

AJ recently attended a convention for her framework of choice (Don’t ask me what the fuck that is cause I don’t know.) But it was so inspiring AJ decided to get up, and start writing the app. And because AJ knows that making a challenge of it and having others to answer to, it might actually get done.

So take a look at My Writing Notebook. AJ made the landing page, and the logo, the picture was taken by Dustin Lee which was grabbed from my favorite high res picture site – unsplash.

So that all my writer readers know, AJ’s staring out with a web app first, but fully intends to make a mobile and desktop app. There are quite a few fun things too AJ wants to add so maybe AJ will learn a lot about it too.

/End Shameless Promotion

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