Behind Closed Doors (NSFW)

When Nox said we were going out I had expected to go to dinner and dancing. I didn’t expect for him to walk me into the discrete door of Ooh. I was wearing a pair of khaki’s and nice shirt in anticipation. Nox was wearing the same though that was what he wore in general when going out with me. He didn’t wear the sarcasm when we went on dates, just every other time. And he always work a button down long sleeve shirt, though it was never buttoned up. Just there to add extra layers for his back and arms.

He walked up to Sally at the pedastal and she smiled at him with his long dark lashes made look even longer with the dark eyeliner he wore. He placed hand with black painted nails on the wood in front of him with his perfect smile. “We have a reservation. Jaxen would have made it.”

My jaw dropped. I had forgotten he’d known the owner of the club and was on a first name basis. Sally smiled at him again after having looked over the list of reservations. “Yes, sir. He did. He also has a special pass for you.” She handed Nox two wrist bands. “You’ll need to wear these for after his show.”

Nox asked, “Does Blake know I’m coming?”

Sally shook her head, “I don’t know sir. I will have Ernesto inform him that Mr. Oliver’s friend is here with a special pass so he’s aware of it.”

Nox nodded. “Thank you Duckling.” She blushed slightly and waved for us to enter. “Your usual table has been reserved, and drinks will be served once you are seated. The usual.”

Nox put his arm around my waist and leaned in, “Lead the way love.” I took the stairs up to the second floor and found the table I usually sat at with a reserved sign sitting on it. As we sat down, a glass of water with lemon and the rum and coke I usually had were set down and the reserved sign was removed.

I watched as Nox sat down and made himself comfortable, he even untucked his shirt like we were at home. I sat down next to him biting my lip and he leaned in and stretched out as he did it and I couldn’t help but look down the length of his long lean body and notice the bulge in his jeans. “Relax. You do this more than I do. You are making me nervous.”

I laughed, “Yeah you look nervous. Only thing you didn’t do was open your pants for me.”

He grinned at me and reached for his button and undid it. “Are you happy now?” He preened at me, his head resting against my chest as he lounged on the red velvet bench. He was looking up at me through those dark lashes and I had to kiss him. His lips parted the moment mine touched his and our tongues dance. He let out a soft moan.

The soft bell that sounded for a new show to start brought us out of our kiss and as I looked down the length of my lovers body his hand was resting near his cock like he wanted to touch himself. I whispered in his ear, “Touch yourself.” It wasn’t meant as a command, but Nox took it as one with a soft moan and slipped his hand inside his pants and grabbed himself. “I want to watch you.”

He shook his head. “Watch them.” But he obliged me anyway and his cock was out over his boxers and jeans and I couldn’t take my eyes from his gentle strokes. He tapped his head against my chest and I looked at his face, “Watch the show, love. I’m not going anywhere.”

I turned to watch the show as two men stood in the center of the ring. I’d seen the pair often enough. The blonde submissive was standing in nothing but a black leather speedo and his Dom was wearing his classic black leather pants. The blonde stood with an at-ease stance you’d see in the military except his head was bowed and looking down at the ground. His Dom was walking around him inspecting his body and slapping him with the red sash he liked to use. I could feel Nox flinching against me and I put my arm around him and he pressed into me. I glanced at him and despite his anxiety he was still hard and stroking himself. He listened most of the time – almost to a point of failure sometimes. Sometimes I wanted him to say no.

I turned back to the two men. The last time I’d seen them, they were using the straps hanging from the ceiling today they didn’t do any such thing. He stood at attention while his Dom ran the wheels across his body, or snapped the sash against his skin. You could see his knees weaken. But he forced himself to stand up. One particular slash to the back of the knee sent the blonde to his knees and the room hissed. Some out of concern, others because the submissive had failed. Nox had sat up straighter against me. He was waiting to see what happened.

A small leather covered horse was rolled out and the Dom pointed to it and the sub stood up and bent himself over the bench and his hands were strapped to the other side so he couldn’t move, he was stretched out and he wasn’t going anywhere. His Dom instructed him in a small voice that I didn’t hear. Nox whispered to me, “He’s telling him to count loud enough everyone can hear.”

The leather clad man pulled a paddle off the wall and a cane. Nox gripped my hand but he continued to stroke his cock, but I could tell he was on the verge of a panic attack. I held him and whispered, “We can go.”

Nox shook his head, “No. This is part of the show. I need you to see afterwards. And this is a perfect show to have.”

I wasn’t sure this was a good idea. “Stop touching yourself. I’ll watch, but you don’t need to.” I unbuttoned my khaki’s and smiled at my lover, “Put on your earbuds and suck my cock.” There was a moment of hesitation in Nox’s reaction, but he was smiling at me as he looked up from the floor and put himself together before he did as I asked. He mouthed ‘thank you’ as he put in the ear buds and turned on the music, I could hear the tinkling of music but couldn’t make out anything else about it. And then his hot wet mouth ran down my cock and I groaned and thrust into his mouth. Nox pushed my hips to the bench and held me down. He claimed he wasn’t stronger than a human, but I begged to differ, he was. He just wasn’t as strong as a Venatori.

I watched as the Dom paddled his submissive for a count of three which he yelled out. It cracked with pain. But when the first cane slapped across his bare backside, the cry was followed with a broken sob. Nox really didn’t need to see this, but with my lover sucking on my cock and the sounds of the the paddle and cane slapping on tender flesh I was very close to coming. The submissive counted to twelve, three paddles followed by three canings, and I was coming in Nox’s mouth before his Dom stopped. I was doing my best not to scream out my orgasm as Nox swallowed everything. The submissive was unhooked from his restraints and they walked off the stage in hushed whisperes. Nox turned to the stage and pulled his earbuds out. “Come on.”

My legs were weak and Nox was grinning madly at me as we walked downstairs and through a pair of double doors that our green wristbands let us through with. RFID or some other technology letting us in. Coming from the other direction was the Dom and submissive. The Dom smiled at us, but he didn’t say anything as he nodded towards a smaller room, his submissive was walking behind him. Once in the room the Dom sat down in on a couch and his submissive sat down on the floor with his head in the man’s lap. Much like a puppy.

Nox sat down next to him and patted the seat next to him. “Blake, I’d like you to meet Sage.” Blake offered his hand and I took it and smiled.

His other hand was stroking his submissive head and Blake smiled at me, “This is Jaxen.” Jaxen tilted his head and his blue shining eyes were happy and it wasn’t something I had expected. I hadn’t expected the owner of the club to be a submissive either.

Nox interrupted my thoughts. “I wanted to show Sage, the part he doesn’t see on stage. The after care.”

Blake nodded. “Alright. I guess it was a good night to show up. Normally we don’t need to punish. He’s usually very obedient no matter what I do.”

Jaxen’s eyes dropped but Blake kissed him softly. “You took it well, my love. Let me tend to them.” He blonde submissive stood up and laid down in Blake’s lap, and into Nox’s.

Nox looked to Blake, “Is it alright if we touch him?”

Blake laughed, “I will never ever understand your need to ask permission. You make a very good Dom, Nox. Why you’d want to submit is beyond me.”

Nox smiled shyly at Blake. But he didn’t answer him. He only ran his fingers through Jaxen’s hair and the man purred. But I watched Blake tend to Jaxen, he was rubbing lotion and oils over the red areas. Blake started talking like he was lecturing. “If you don’t tend to them right away, they can bruise, sometimes they still do. You’r boy rarely bruises though, if you are lucky enough to hit him more than once before he safe words.”

“I don’t hit him at all.” I corrected. “We’ve not done this yet.”

Blake laughed. “Do you want to? I know I’ve seen you here before.”

“I like to watch.” I defended myself.

Blake nodded and continued his ministrations. “How did he do with the show?” He was talking to me like Nox wasn’t here, and for I guess he wasn’t since when I looked at him, he was zoned out petting Jaxen’s head. It wasn’t sexual in the least at least neither one of them looked like they were getting off on it. It was tender, like I’d seen Nox doing with Drake. I was pretty sure Nox did the same thing when we watched TV and I curled up in his lap.

“He didn’t watch the spanking. I had him put on his earbuds and ….” I hesitated.

Blake continued my sentence, “You had him suck you off so he wouldn’t panic. ” I nodded and he continued, “Now boy, I’m impressed. Most Dom’s would make their sub sit through it regardless.”

“I’m not his Dom.”

Blake laughed. “Maybe so, but you are taking care of him as best you can. Giving him what he needs. That’s all he wants.”

“Why do you know so much about Nox?”

“He and Jaxen went to the same therapist when they were younger. I worked with Adiran with them both. Nox is a good teacher, even when he’s teaching from the bottom.”

Blake patted Jaxen’s bottom lovingly and Jaxen sat up, his eyes were not nearly so glazed over and he smiled at me before he returned his eyes to the ground. Blake stood up and Jaxen followed him. “Jaxen has some things to take care of I need to return him to his office so he can do that.”

He offered me his hand, “It’s a pleasure meeting you.” He looked to Nox and smiled. “You need to come by more often.”

Nox shook his head then grinned, “Maybe, if he asks nicely.”

I grinned. “Maybe, he says.”

We left through the door we had come in and we went home.