Secrets (NSFW)

Work was stressing me out, and even though Nox practically lived at my house, he was not going to be around this week. He was prepping for a month long trip to the mountains to teach a bunch of kids about surviving in the woods. I wasn’t sure why that mattered to someone who hunted monsters. If they lived in the woods how many people could they be hurting? But it wasn’t my life, who was I to question to validity of their courses.

But his prepping also meant that he needed to adjust to sleeping without me by his side. I had seen first hand how my presence affected his slumber. That first week we’d spent together I had particularly stressed day and I was having a hard time sleeping. So I got out of bed. I went downstairs to my computer and I worked. It wasn’t really work, but zoning out to code was just like work and it was relaxing when I was just moving through the motions.

When I went back up stairs it was after 4 am and I found Nox in the bathroom, his back was a bloodied pulp. He didn’t look stressed as he watched his skin knit back together. When he looked up at me he apologized for blooding the sheets. If I hadn’t see it for myself I would never have realized that Nox wasn’t imagining the cuts he claimed to have. His back was a tangle of scars from his childhood – all self inflicted in his nightmare state. All before he figured out how to heal his self with the power of the elements. He was not a healer he claimed. That he did nothing more than supply the elements, but I’d seen him heal himself. He claimed it wouldn’t work for me. That I’d still bleed out if he tried to heal a deep wound. It was magic feeding on magic or some such bullshit.

Everything about Nox was fantastical. I felt like I was living in a comic book. I mean I knew werewolves existed… but this, this was extraordinary. I needed a break and he was busy so I took the train to Ooh. It wasn’t far from my house, still in Hell’s Kitchen. It was a discrete place. The only thing on the outside that was flashy was the purple neon sign that said “Ooh”. There was no other sign that this was a club, or what was beyond the dark non-describt door at the front of the building.

Inside was a completely different thing. The interior was posh. The dark wood and black curtains that separated the waiting area from the double doors I knew on the other side. A woman wearing a black suit with white ruffles greeted you at the door. There was a man in a similar suit standing behind a counter to take your coat. For all external purposes it looked like a restaurant or some other high end club.

I smiled at Sally. She was the regular hostess and she smiled back at me. “Welcome back. It’s been a while. Your usual?”

I nodded. “Yes, please.”

She glanced at the tablet on her pedestal and frowned, “Your usual table is currently occupied, would you like another? Or wait for it, we have room at the bar if you’d like a drink.”

I sighed, “Do you have a similar table?”

She looked again. “I do, it’s on the first floor, more traffic.”

“I’ll take that.”

She smiled and nodded. “Would you like your usual drink delivered?”

“Yes, please. That would be wonderful.”

“Excellent. Would you like Ernesto to show you to your table?” She handed me a black piece of paper with the table number on it.

“I can find it. Thank you.”

Sally gave me one last smile and I stepped through the curtains and through the double doors just beyond them. The atmosphere changed. Where the foyer was cool and almost cold, inside the club was steamy and hot and not just from the temperature. It was a three story auditorium, with a ring in the middle much like you’d expect at a circus, except the seating was tables, and benches and chairs all plush covered and black laquer. It was upscale still. Had the same vibe as the outer room but there was no doubt that it was decorated to cater to sex. Each bench had brass bars atop them, some had leather straps attached, others handcuffs. The three floors looked down upon the ring, and the open seats on the first floor. Under each landing for the upper floors were more private settings which is where I headed looking for my table in the shadows.

Every where I looked there were men and women in the troughs of a scene. One man was fucking his girl from behind, her hands were strapped to the brass bar and he rammed inside her. She was moaning loudly above the music playing in the background of the club. My cock twitched in my pants as I walked slowly by watching. The man grinned at me but kept up his vigorous thrusting until she was screaming out his name.

At another table I passed there were several people sitting together, their clothes in various states of disarray. One of the men leered at me, as another man sucked his cock and a woman flicked his nipple with her painted nail. There was a woman dancing on the table in front of him wearing nothing on her lower half, her shaven pussy in the face of the woman flicking the other man’s nipple. Her tongue was laping at the woman dancing. The dancing woman’s eyes were on the main ring where two men were taking there places.

I found my seat as a tall man with dark skin and hair placed strapped his partner’s wrists to the straps hanging from the ceiling. I slide into my safe spot and unbutton my pants. I knew I’d not want to deal with it later. This wasn’t my first time here, and it wasn’t likely my last time. I watched as the dark man whispered to his blond lover. He petted the other man and the blond reacted as you’d expect a puppy. The love in his eyes was apparent.

The blond man’s ankles and wrists were attached to the straps and the other man pulled out a red scarf and ran it across other’s skin. The submissive shuddered under the tender touch and yelped when the scarf smacked against his skin. It left a bright red mark on his chest and the dom snapped it several more times against his chest, his legs, his ass. Each leaving a mark redder than the last. My cock was hard and twitching. I knew Nox wouldn’t enjoy this scene, it was why I came now, he wouldn’t enjoy it, and I despite the fact that Nox would watch he need much more attention afterwards.

Without the added pressure my hand was in my pants and I was stroking myself. There was precum leaking from my tip and I was using it to smooth out the strokes.

The sub’s cock was hard against his body and the dom was wearing tight leather but he was hard too. These two never actually had sex on the stage. It was all about the bondage and making the submissive come or not depending on the dom’s wims that night. Today he seemed bent on punishing his lover. Another leather clad man stepped into the ring by the levers and pullys while the dom stood in front of his sub and his feet lifted off the ground tipping the sub into his dom’s strong hands. His feet level with his hands, the blond sub hung from the ceiling by his arms and legs. If this were on TV I could see the disclaimers ‘do not try this at home’ scrolling across it for legal reasons. I wouldn’t even know how to begin to do this. It looked like it hurt, but the sub was enjoying the pain and the freeness of it.

The dom walked under his sub and ran his finger down the cock of the other man. It was the perfect height for him as he slipped it into his mouth. I spilled over may hand and bit back a groan as I watched the dom suck his subs cock while he hung from the ceiling.

I cleaned up and watched a little while longer before I slipped out of my bench and went for the door. New couples had replaced the fucking pair from before, their eyes were glued to the scene in front of them, their clothes were still fresh and their eyes were wide. I bet it was their first time in Ooh. And I was betting it was a shock.

Outside of Ooh I started walking for the train when I recognized the shape in front of me. “Nox?” I asked.

He stopped and turned around with that grin. He was hiding behind it. He wasn’t happy nor sad to see he. He wasn’t angry or upset. He was hiding behind the perpetual grin he gave everyone. It made me angry, so I shouted instead of asking, “Did you follow me?”

I knew the moment it was out of my mouth I should have not said it like that. Nox shut down. He shook his head. “No. I was leaving Adrian’s when I saw you. I tried to catch up but by the time I did you were walking into Ooh. And I didn’t want to disturb your plans. I waited but the ground is hard and my ass was cold so I was leaving. I’ll go now.” He turned and headed for the train back to the AU building.

I could let him walk away. Talk to him when he’s not pissed at me. I think I hated the quite anger more than him actually raising his voice. Which he never did that either. He yelled at other people but with me, he just gets quiet and distant. We were both learning.

I walked up to him and put my hand on his arm. “Nox…”

He stopped but he didn’t turn around. “I’m sorry.”

He shrugged and started walking again. “Not a big deal.”

“Stop it Nox. Let’s talk about this.” I shouted again and frowned when he turned around and stared at me blank but expectant.

“There is nothing to talk about Sage.” He said in that quite voice he used when I knew he was hiding all emotion. He became his father when he did that. He continued in the same voice. “I saw Adrian because I was feeling stressed and I didn’t want to call Margo. We had dinner around the corner and I saw you. I waited and now here we are.”

“You don’t want to know why I’m here? Or who I was with?” I was dumbfounded.

Nox smirked. “I’m sure you are here alone, to watch the show. To jack off without me bogging you down with my shit emotions. I know who is on right now.”

“You’ve been here?” I asked.

He shook his head. “No. A friend of mine owns it. He knows Adrian too, Jaxen and Blake have had their fun with me when I was younger.”

“If you’ve never been inside how do you know who’s up?”

Nox took his phone out of his pocket and flipped a few screens and opened an app. He pointed it in my direction and I took it. It was the schedule for Ooh. “You looked it up when you saw me go in?”

Nox shook his head and took his phone and started walking back to the train. “No. Jaxen gave me that told me to come in and play anytime I wanted to.”

“If he’s your friend why haven’t you gone in?” I said as I took walked next to him.

“I don’t need a sex club to get off. I can find a girl willing anywhere I want.”

“And I can’t?” I growled.

Nox shook his head. I wasn’t sure if it was in denial or disgust. Probably both. “You and I have different kinks Sage. That’s perfect for you. I don’t have anyone, or didn’t have anyone I wanted to get kinky enough with to take to a sex club and I’m not going to just come here to watch. If Jaxen had invited me to help him with a scene I might have, but he and Blake don’t typically share.”

We waited for the train in silence and when it arrived we sat down in silence. Two stops later I had to get off. The train rattled to a stop and Nox didn’t move, I asked, “Do you want to spend the night?”

Nox shook his head. “I don’t think that’s a good idea.”

I didn’t give him a choice, I took his hand and pulled him out the quickly closing doors just in time. The train pulled away just as Nox’s feet were past the yellow line.

“Sage this is a bad idea. You’re pissed at me. I’d rather sleep at home.”

I knew it was a lie. He wasn’t even trying to hide the fact that he was tired and drained and emotionally spent. He was easy to read. “I’m not mad at you Nox. I was. I thought you were spying on me.”

“You keep yelling at me Sage.” The desperation in his voice was devastating. It crushed my heart knowing that getting mad at him was difficult on him. Our first real fight was going to be crushing.

I grinned at him, “You are frustrating.”

“All the more reason for me to go home. You are getting annoyed with me. I told you I wasn’t easy to live with.”

I took his hand and I didn’t give him a choice in the matter as we walked to my house, and up stairs and to my bedroom. I quickly undressed down to my boxers and he watched me the whole time, never said a word as I undressed him slowly. Carefully touching every part of his body with my fingers. Then my lips and tongue. We laid down in my bed, both in our boxers and I held him close. I knew we would both be aching later, but it wasn’t sex he had wanted, it wasn’t edging either, he just wanted me to love him. So I showed him I did. I loved him and it terrified me.