Movie Night (NSFW)

Nox hadn’t come home that night after paint ball, so I texted him when I got home. It was a simple exchange. “Just got home. Have a movie date with a guy tomorrow afternoon.”

Nox’s reply was simple and near instantaneous. “:) You mean I don’t have to go see Pan with you?”

I laughed to myself as I sent my reply. “I found some other poor shmuck to take me.”

I hoped he was laughing and his reply came immediately. “Lucky him. Enjoy your date. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do. Call me tomorrow when you get home. I won’t wait up.”

Nox was pretty much telling me I should get laid. I wouldn’t do that, not on a first date, or second or third. And Nox didn’t date, so I could say I didn’t know what he meant by that. But I wasn’t sure Dev was even interested in me.

But the next day around 1 I cut out from the basement early and took a shower and stood in my closet trying to decide what I wanted to wear. I opted for a pair of blue jeans that were too tight to wear anything underneath, at least anything I wanted to wear underneath without showing lines. It was freeing and terrifying all at the same time. I wore a simple white t-shirt under a denim button up. I wasn’t going for screw me, but I wanted that to be an option. After all the man I was seeing wanted details…

I met Dev outside the theater. I almost didn’t recognize him standing beside a small brunette. She was wearing a skimpy skirt that barely covered her ass. I was pretty sure I caught a glimpse of skin underneath it. The blouse she wore was almost longer than the skirt she wore. It wasn’t tacky by any means she looked like she’d just come from the beach actually. Dev’s arm was wrapped around her. He smiled and waved at me and beckoned me closer. I wasn’t sure if I was shocked or dumbfounded. He brought a date…

Dev smiled at me. “She wouldn’t let me out of the house without her today. It’s my night off.”

I nodded. “It’s all right.” I was disappointed and my thoughts drifted to the state of my clothes before Dev had his arm around me, his girl was off buying the tickets.

He leaned in against my ear and licked my ear lobe before he whispered, “Don’t worry. Your dressed for the occasion.”

I was about to ask him about why he said that, had I said something out loud, but the woman was grabbing my hand and tugged me in through the doors with Dev still draped across my shoulders.

We got drinks but that was it. Dev just kept grinning at me as I wondered what the hell was going on. She took us both by a hand and we walked into the auditorium and sat in the middle of the very last row of the theater. She sat down and after we’d all adjusted and Dev whispered in her ear something that made her look at me she leaned over and whispered, “I’m Dee.”

“Sage,” I said offering her my hand which she took not in a handshake but from the top and pressed it between her legs under her skirt.

She leaned over and whispered in my ear. “We like to share. You and your boy want to share? I hear the kiss was pretty hot.” She pressed my fingers against her hot flesh and I felt that she was turned on.

My heart was racing and she removed her hand from mine and I pulled away but a bigger, stronger hand took my hand and when I looked at him he nodded towards the screen. “Watch the move, deadshot.” His fingers pressed mine inside of her and I felt her clench around our fingers.

The movie hadn’t even started but my eyes were on the screen. Dev’s hand perventing me from moving it else where. She rutted against our hands as the lights dimmed and I looked down in the dark lights and watched the shadows of our hands between her legs. I bit back a groan.

Dee giggled and reached across the arm of the chair separating us and put her hand on my leg. It was warm and intoxicating as her hand moved a little higher, and a lot more towards my zipper. She fumbled with the button and the zipper but soon in the darkness of the movie her hand was around my leaking cock. I heard Dev hiss on the other side and looked over and her hand was on his cock too. I watched as her hand stroked him. I looked up and saw Dev looking at me. He leaned across Dee and whispered, “Watch the movie.”

I sighed and turned my head to watch the movie. My hand stayed in her lap the whole time, she was so fucking wet, and Dev’s hand was hot and strong against mine. Her hands played with our cocks as we watched.

The movie came to the climax, flying boats, center of worlds, possible death. Everything you want in a great movie and I had my hand inside of a girl I just met and she was jerking me off next to a guy I think I was crushing on. And to top it off my partner wanted details. I at least had a story to tell. The credits started rolling and Dev removed his hand from mine and we all returned ourselves to proper states of attire. It was a little difficult considering the state my cock was left in.

I considered finishing off but Dee and Dev were whispering and Dee leaned over and bit my ear, “Come back to our place with us. Let us finish you off.” It was like they were reading my fucking mind.

We were the last ones to leave. I was overwhelmed. I should go home. I shouldn’t be here wanting to go home with them. I had someone. I was pretty sure I loved him. No I knew I did. But we were never going to get that 100% from each other. He was a mess. Hell I was a mess. And our kinks didn’t line up. I really didn’t have much choice as the couple eased me towards their apartment with idle small talk about the movie. I wasn’t sure how they picked up so much of it. Were they not as distracted as I was?

Their apartment building was posh. It wasn’t far from my place. That had it’s uses. We took the elevator, in which Dev lifted my hand he’d been holding and stuck the same finger in his mouth and sucked. His blue eyes met mine and he smirked at me as my cock twitched in my pants with each suck and tongue flick of my finger.

Dee was watching him. us. I wanted to watch them. I knew I was blushing, I could feel the heat in my ears along my neck. But I was flush all over, my body was longing to be touched by them. But I wanted to watch them. I pulled my finger from Dev’s mouth as the bell dinged for the doors to open and I leaned forward uncaring who walked in, it wasn’t our floor and I kissed him hard. I tasted him, and her on his tongue. I whispered against his lips, “I want to watch you.”

Dev chuckled, “I know. Soon deadshot, soon.”

Two more floors and we three scooted past the other passengers and walked down the narrow hall to their apartment. Inside the couch was made up like a bed, there was things strewn everywhere. I noticed guitars and paper and take out boxes most of all. Everything screamed rockstar and I laughed. Dee asked, “What’s funny?”

I waited until they’d pulled me into what looked like the master room, it had an attached bath and a large bed. “Nox, called Dev rockstar that first night.”

Dev chuckled as he shoved me hard and I fell against the bed. He pulled Dee close and started unbuttoning her shirt, “He wants to watch. Shall we give him a little show.”

Dee nodded her agreement and her hands went for his belt and zipper. She turned to me while Dev sucked on her neck with a smile. “No touching. We want to unwrap the present.” I removed my hands from my waist band and relaxed into the mattress my hands behind my head. I watched as Dev undressed his girl with nimble fingers. She stood in nothing but the frilly skirt by the time he was down on his knees and licking between her legs. She had one leg lifted and her foot was between mine, her ankle pressing against my balls still tightly wrapped in the jeans that were now way too uncomfortable. I didn’t have a good view with her in front of me like that but I saw much more of what he was doing under that skirt than I would have. His tongue dancing over her pussy, dipping in side.

I watched as Dev brought her to climax and she almost collapsed on top of him as her orgasm took her from her feet. Dev caught her and she was laying next to me basking in ecstasy. Dev laid down on top of me and kissed me. He ground his hips into mine and our cocks pressed against each other and I groaned at the contact and reached around him and pulled him into me. Dee giggled as she pulled my arms from him and held them above my head between her legs. Her hot wet pussy pressed into my fingers and I got the hint. I looked up at her, tilting my head back and Dev bit my neck as I did.

He lifited my shirt above my head and pinned my arms above me. I had no choise but to keep my hands pressed into Dee. She ground into my fingers and I found her web pussy and pushed two fingers inside, she moaned and road my fingers. I watched and felt my cock freed from my jeans and I looked down watching Dev admiring me. He chuckled and leaned took me inside of his mouth and groaned agaisnt me. I was torn between watching Dee fuck my fingers or Dev go down on me.

I was so close to coming I fought it, I didn’t want to stop. I wanted to watch them fuck. Dee came over my fingers and Dev stopped sucking me and watched as she ground into me a few final times.

Dev pulled off his clothes and I watched his tight body crawl on the bed towards us. He leaned down and kissed me and tugged the t-shirt over my head moving his girl towards him at the same time. I had to stretch my arms to get some blood flowing as he grinned down at me. “Watch deadshot. I want to watch you.”

He was behind Dee and I knew he’d thrust inside her wet pussy without a condom and my cock twitched and my hand went to it and Dee leaned down and kissed my ear, “Stroke it, Sage.” She groaned in my ear and I watched then fucking above me and I wasn’t long in coming. Neither was Dev, he thrust a few times before he released his load inside her and then they collapsed beside me, Dee pulling my hand up to her mouth and sucking and licking at my fingers, cleaning. It was a good thing I was already spent or I’d have lost it.

Dee laughed softly, “Your Nox? He this good?”

“He knows his way around the bedroom.” I smiled. He knew a lot more than I did.

Dev laughed, “He better if he’s supposed to fuck better than he dances.”

I blushed which made Dee giggle. “You are too cute.” She leaned down and kissed me.

I sighed. “I don’t do one night stands.” I scrubbed my hands through my hair in desperation. I didn’t want to sound desperate but it was the truth. “I didn’t expect this. I wanted a movie and getting to know you.”

Dev smiled. “This was a getting to know you party. I liked you and your pretty boy. I wanted to see what you’d do with my girl in the mix. I think he passed with flying colors.”

Dee laughed. “He more than passed. Next time, I’m riding him though.”

I looked up at her, “Next time?”

Dee grinned, “Of course, sweetie. Think of this as an interview. And you just got the job.”

I shook my head and was keenly aware we were all naked, except Dee who was still wearing that skimpy skirt. “I should go.”

Dev laughed, “We should have dinner first, and then you can go.”

Dee stood up and found Dev’s shirt on the floor and pulled it on. “I’ll make dinner. You two set up plans.”

Dev groaned, “Fine. Can’t wing it?”

Dee shook her head. “I want to your pretty boy.”

I laughed. “He’ll cook. If I ask him too.” She didn’t hear me as she was closing the bedroom door behind her. “I think I can talk him into next Sunday night.”

Dev nodded. “Sounds good to me. Get dressed. We have to be presentable.” He got up and I watched him get dressed. He realized I was going to wait on him and he took his time. When he was tying pulling on his jeans he said, “My turn.”

So I got dressed, slowly and let him watch me. I knew I’d blush but I didn’t care, we’d just had sex I wasn’t exactly being shy. And then dinner… It was a memorable night.

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