Black and White

Black and white photos always seem to bring out a different emotion than the one that a color photo might. Maybe it’s all the grays speaking to you. Maybe it’s the lack of color.

I see a cute cat looking back at me saying what the fuck? It’s not happy. It’s not sad. Just like what the fuck?

I totally hear you little fur-ball. That’s pretty much my life right now. I’m reeling from AJ’s life. I’m missing something from mine. And The Children of Morpheus is changing so many things. I’m afraid that this story isn’t going to work. AJ’s writing it. But we aren’t feeling it. We almost want to switch stories because we have this desire to make amends. But I promised you Children of Morpheus so I’m going to stick to it. Stick to this story. We’ll get through the first draft together.

All of you watching me wade through shit. While I make changes in my life. I almost did something today I shouldn’t do. I just need to know you are okay. But I can’t ask. Fuck! Sorry too much vagueness for most of you.

6 thoughts on “Black and White

  1. Yeah that cat looks less than impressed! Sorry you and AJ are struggling with The Children of Morpheus… I’m enjoying it, the new characters are interesting, waiting to see how they impact your life. So many changes at once for you though can be overwhelming so give yourself a break eh? Thinking of you and AJ…

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    1. Thanks Duckling it’s much appreciated. The story is going better, that was written at the beginning of our journey. Most of July is already written kinda funny how it mimics some of the feelings tho.

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