August Challenge

I’m trying to do different things so I don’t bore you all with the same drivel. I always end up saying the same thing.

This July AJ’s working on a Photo Challenge. (Code AJ wrote!!!)

I’m thinking in August I’m going to do a random music video prompt. AJ found a site, random music videos that looks promising. The prompt would be to get a random song, listen to it and respond to what it. AJ will likely end up with the lyrics too since AJ can’t actually focus on the words for the beat and music without it.

I’m listening to her comment on how good the kids got it these days! Damn you’re old :P

Anyone want to join in? If you do let me know in the comments. You can either use my video or you can get your own. We can use a tag so we can all find each other AJ’s thinking “Random Music Video Prompt”

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