I mentioned before AJ was working on a prophecy. I also mentioned how much I dislike prophecy. But I guess I’ll throw the prophetic images out there. I can’t suggest strongly enough that you all need to download Darwynn’s Law to read the exclusive shorts (they start on page 135 of the pdf linked)

Why do you need to read it? Well aside from cleaning up some stuff there are a few things of mild importance in them. Things that might make you WTF in the Children of Morpheus…

One of the things is mention of prophecy sighs. Below is the actual prophecy they are speaking of… If you can guess which of them has been fulfilled please let me know in the comments. I might not tell you the answer, but we’ll see.

Thrice he shall escape death
and rise from the ashes a fourth.
He shall heed the call of the dragon,
bear the bond of the son,
and call the moon’s brothers to arms.
Once to challenge, and twice challenged.
Victorious, he shall ascend.

Aside from this prophecy there has however been two other prophecies in my life. Both of which I really haven’t shared with anyone because I’m don’t exactly believe in them. The first was the visions in my Ad Aetatem – which because of story elements changes it’s changed slightly from the visions you might recall from The First Hunt (which AJ will begin again at some point but with rewrites to the few chapters that were written.) There might be a version of the visions lurking around somewhere but I don’t think I’ve shared it.

In my Ad Aetatem vision the predominate features are eyes looking back at me with the distinct feeling that they mean more to me than life itself. There have always been two sets of eyes staring back at me, that’s one of the changes if referenced that needs to change, it’ll be three… yeah yeah just shush and wait!

The other part is a series of monsters, supernatural creatures. I was always under the assumption it was a collage of things I’d fight. I’m beginning to think that there is a much larger meaning to them.

The third prophetic imagery has yet actually to be established, whether it’s out of AJ’s forgetfulness, or just hasn’t actually been there. In every notebook I have ever drawn I have one drawing that is unlike all the rest. It is the last page of every notebook. It’s picture that I can’t shake, something that pulls me and I keep drawing it. It starts out crude as a child and is now a beautiful rendition that maybe one day AJ can either Photoshop a likeness or can draw it. But that’s for another time and more free time.

The image is of a large tree, large barren branches but strong root system. There are eyes sent into the tree, and other objects scattered across the image, nestled in the branches, in the background, the sky. I’m not ready to share those images because AJ hasn’t exactly finished gathering what they are. What connections we want to make ‘destiny’ and those which come out because of who I am. Because that’s the thing with this image, as I grow, and each year notebook I draw it in, the image changes. Some elements come, others go, some have stayed fixed while others move to different locations. This is not any of my gifts, but it is clear that it changes as I change.

(As a side note: AJ is doing Photo Prompts this month with a script written to utilize Unsplash images. However the images don’t all exist sometimes, so today’s doesn’t exist and AJ found a random one on Unsplash. You are free to write along with me. If you do track back to my blog or comment below and I’ll link you in and we can spread our own branches out.)

My name is Nox Sétanta. I am first and foremost a fictional character escaped from the mind of my creator AJ. In layman's terms I'm a magic wielding monster hunter born to my human mother and my Venatori father.

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