Nope not a relationship talk. Well not a personal relationship between people
I made a commitment to this blog – to all of you fine readers who listen to me ramble on and on.

It’s AJ’s goal really. But it’s mine because I’m the one who’s thoughts have to spill out every day. 365 days of posts! AJ’s best friend has been doing it for something like 7 years – surely we can do one right?

And so far so good! One everyday all the way today since Jan 1.

AJ enjoys my ramblings so it’s likely to keep on going. And if she’s using me correctly hopefully you’ll see alot more stories too. AJ kinda wishes she just wrote stories and let them flow like some of others out there, but committing to posting a story post everyday scares AJ. Scares me too. Though it could be fun. Might have to think about it. But AJ’s is one of those who writes in large chunks, or small tiny chunks.

And as always AJ is thinking code here too commit means a lot to her. She uses git (version control) for both her writing and her code. She’s pretty big on it. When she doesn’t use it she feels completely lost. So we’ve since enabled me to have my own account on github to share with you all my latest and greatest stories. If you have the inkling, there are a few chapters of The Children of Morpheus up already on github. It’ll update as AJ pushes stuff up which will hopefully be daily, but you never know.