This was a perfect post to talk about vampires. But I’ve talked about vampires before. And you’ve only really seen one vampire, no two vampires in the stories AJ has presented thus far. But she is going to make a vampire book. Yay!
You’ll get to see more into the vampire world more than me just telling you about it. It’s going to follow the Children of Morpheus. AJ hasn’t planned it yet, and it’s tenatively called Extinction. Cause it’s all about killing off races.

I could go into therians, were creatures, werewolves, werebears, werelions and weretigers and all that. But not really sure I can add much to that lore at present. We’ve seen them, they’ve been the antagonist in Darwynn’s Law.
I think I did a piece on how they were created.

I could go on about Venatori weaknesses, how we have this rabid healing ability but the bite from a vampire or therian is deadly to us. You say wait, you’ve been bitten by a vampire – many times if we remember correctly.

And my only answer to that is I’m not completely Venatori. However, there is a secret I can’t tell you. It’ll come out with in the next three books! I say three cause we don’t have it planned out. But it’s there, just waiting for the right moment to jump out and go…. AH!

I could do a Haiku.

Missing you is pain
Like a puncture in my heart
Don’t ever go away

Hey I’m getting better at this!

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  1. “But it’s there, just waiting for the right moment to jump out and go…. AH!” I totally know that feeling.

    I have several ideas all bunched in my head about what’s going to happen in the whole next/last half of my story. They’re all waiting for their moment to jump out of my mental closet and finally land on my computer screen.

    One particular idea is definitely going to shout “AH!” as it jumps out. I could say more than that, but…you know. Spoilers. ;)

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    1. Nox says:

      yeah and I’m still WAY far behind on Ambrose and Elsie’s story so no Spoilers!

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      1. No spoilers here! Nope! :D

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