Turn up the Volume

Most of you who read often know I like to dance. I think. I’m sure I’ve mentioned it. One of my favorite times with AJ (yes we have favorite times) is the Sunday tradition of prepping for dinner for the following week. Which means we get to turn up the volume and dance around the kitchen.

I’m a much better dancer than AJ mind you, but AJ doesn’t care, it’s still one of the best parts of the week, one in which we both get to do something fun. The biggest problem is what we listen to. We have a collective playlist of songs I can tolerate and its title ‘dance’ since you can move to most of the songs, there are a few that are there just cause AJ loves them and they get stuck in her head for a time.

So embarrassing as it may be I’m gonna share the collaborative playlist. And before he says anything – Alex you be quiet! sticks tongue out

7 thoughts on “Turn up the Volume

  1. What a great list! The Ketchup Song!! Wheeeeee! Lol. Ok, I could definitely see a lot of kitchen dancing breaking out with a set like this.

    Hey, you should go check out “Sing! Sing! Sing!” done by the greatest high school band in the world, the Kyoto Tachibana HS Marching Band. Maybe it’ll have you marching around the stove next time, instead of dancing. Or not….

    Fun post!

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    1. Please don’t get AJ started with that song… at least it’s not Pumped Up Kicks which got a full fucking day of play time… pulls hair out OMG! AJ says it’s my fault cause I started dancing to it in the shower sighs I’ll go check out the video even if it’s just to annoy AJ for a little while.

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  2. Dancing in the kitchen while you cook is the digity-bomb! : ). I’ll definitely be checking out the ones I don’t know. Let’s dance …. ; )

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