Confused Yet?

I am AJ’s favorite character right now. It was Matalina aka Mat aka Cari aka Il Cane. She took on many incarnations over the years including little miss Aria and Ayden at First Age. But I slowly took over and now I’m predominately in AJ’s head.

Which means that there are tons of little me’s running around. I have a First Age version, there is this me here, which isn’t exactly story me since I’m a lot more self aware here than I am in story. I know things I don’t know in The Clandestine Providence. Here I straddle both worlds. Then there’s a version of me that AJ’s writing with someone else a collaborative fiction. And then there is the romance versions of me. There’s me and Matt which is really Matt and Wyn now. And there is another version of Matt and me or Wyn depending on how you looked at it, but it’s not that original story either so not really them. It’s this younger alternate version of Matt and Wyn/me that I’m kinda hooked on right now.

Matt’s a photography/journalism student and I’m (for brevity’s sake) a dance student at NYU. There is a scene in this story that keeps showing up in my head.

It’s a cool, crisp, fall New York afternoon. The sun is shining, there is a cool breeze, it’s warmer than it has been in days. Washington park which doubles as the campus quad is full of college students. Groups sitting on benches, others sprawled out under the trees. Really a quintessential college scene that you see in the brochures.

Matt’s with his friends sitting on the grass under a tree, he doesn’t go anywhere without his camera. He’s always looking through the lens even while his friends are talking. He makes a joke, they laugh. They are having a good time.

Meanwhile I’m in the middle of the park, I have a small Bluetooth speaker set up next to my backpack and some classical piece is blaring through the speaker. No one really pays much attention even as I’m up on the fountain ledge in the middle of the park dancing around it. Perfect balance, perfect form, just dancing don’t really care who’s watching.

I get a few people who watch me and a few who toss money into the empty coffee cup next to the speaker even though it was trash hey, whatever for a quick buck right? Even if it’s sticky with the dredges of coffee.

But Matt sees me through the lens and becomes engrossed. He’s snapping pictures as I move across the fountain. That’s the first time he notices me. I’ve seen him around we live in the same building, go to the same school. He’s gorgeous, you can’t miss him, but we swim in two different circles.

It follows along much like you’d expect, but this scene sticks in AJ’s head. The colors, the emotion. Both sides of the coin here, not just me. Matt’s feelings, his obsession that he gets with me, not because he’s crushing on me though that’s part of it, but the beauty of what I do.

I dunno it’s not me, and it’s not Matt not Wyn’s Matt anyway. But the scene has stuck and so far AJ hasn’t been able to use it anywhere. Maybe one day.