I hate the Venatori?

Have I told you all this yet? I hate the Venatori? I have… really? No that can’t be right. I don’t ramble on about my shitty life. That doesn’t sound like me. Don’t get me wrong, I love my friends and family. I don’t hate the individuals, they are a product of their upbringing. Which is what I mean when I say I hate the Venatori.

Here, everything is so uniform. There is nothing that can be irregular, or out of place. It’s all very traditional and very closed minded. I’m not even talking about normal things like relationships. Just everything. Everyone conforms into this one set mind. We are the Venatori.

I admit to falling in line in places. I know nothing else. I see Sage and I’m reminded repeatedly that he struggles with my world as much as I struggle with his. I walk that line between Venatori and human because the Venatori can’t accept me because I don’t fit neatly in their little boxes…. Now the theme song to Weeds is stuck in AJ’s head sighs

Ooh, that’s a cool video. But I digress… I’m not human because I can do all these things and if I were to deny them, I deny who I am. What makes me, me. And it may be egotistical and arrogant but I really like who I am. I’m happy with my body, my self esteem. I’m happy I do the right thing even if I’ll be hated for it. I’m try to be strong because I never feel that way. Alex reminded me the other day where those strengths were. And I’m grateful for that. It helped AJ with the story she’s collaborating on.

But while we are talking about writing, I have a request for NaNo to be posted as AJ writes it. So I think I’ll post it, It may run longer than July though because I’m going to schedule it to no more than two posts a day, one in the morning one in the afternoon. These will likely be outside of my daily posting so you’ll potentially get 3 a day until the Children of Morpheus is over. They’ll be small like Darwynn’s Law (AJ had started writing) but they will be story like The Last Phoenix.