I Will Survive

I forget why I mentioned this song to a friend – yes I know I have friends!! Amazing right? But I did and pulling from AJ’s memory of the movie it was one of her favorite scenes. Keanu Reeves and the gang doing the Electric Slide to I Will Survive. It was one of the first times the boys got their shit together and became a team. It’s moving.

As a side note, I took the same friends advice and created a chat channel. I’ll be there every weekday the times are listed on the page I linked. If you are bored pop in and say hi, I promise not to bite – unless you ask me to. grins

I hope the lot of you survive the day. AJ and I are running on fumes. I kept her awake for a few nights in a row, she’s feeling the effects of it now. But hopefully tonight will be a good sleep – probably pass out if AJ doesn’t drink too much caffeine to stay awake.