Making an Impression

I have over a 100 followers, 400 posts, over 4,000 views with about 1,500 unique visitors since I started this blog. So I’m making some impression somewhere. Good or bad, though from most of my commentors I’m assuming it’s mostly good. I’ve not seen any trolls or people complaining yet. Though I suspect there are a few. I’d be pretty one sided if people didn’t dislike me too for whatever reason they have.

But I know I’m being greedy when saying I want more. So we’ve been looking around at ways to do that. To increase my following and my readers. To spread my charming self around to more people. Yes egotistical and greedy. Isn’t that why you love me?

I’ve been toying with Twitter as of late. Though not exactly sure what I should be tweeting. I’m not the one writing AJ is, though I can tweet in her stead, and I have. But I need something to increase that following. Maybe something to pass back into facebook too since right now both are just a collection of my blog posts. And with no followers they get no click throughs. AJ doesn’t want to spam her friends with my mass of things which is why she’s an author page, and a page dedicated to just me.

I’ve also considered a monthly newsletter where we would send out things you can only read there. But the problem there being AJ has to think up things to share that people would want to read. I have this “Dear Nox” thing running in my head, answering questions in a way only I can… cause it’s me ya know. But that requires people to ask questions. The whole chicken and egg thing. AJ can get a few questions written and we could fake it for a few months, but after a while that will get boring. And the whole point of this is to get people to interact with the site, with me.

There is also a lovely thing called “irc” that anyone can use, it’s free to hit up a channel on a server. But not everyone knows how to use it. I love chatting. AJ lets me do it so frequently. Well that’s not true I have a running conversation every day with one of my friends. Sure she’s AJ’s friend, but it’s because of me… and I talk to her, and I talk to her characters… which is really the best part of the whole thing. Kindred spirits all of us! But I digress…

I want to make an impression. So since no one comments when I ask I’ll try a different method… Just click!