Character/Fiction Blogs

Today is a good day to talk about collaboration,  or more importantly things AJ and I have been doing on and off for a while.  You’ll notice the links on the side bar – other worlds, other writers and some other things I really like – me… not AJ.  Well we’ve been hunting for more like what we do here.  A place where fiction is the game, and the character tells the story.

Doesn’t have to be like mine.  Could be like Ambrose and Elsie where it’s just the telling of a story with very little out of character stuff going on.  Alex and his writer pointed me at a few others.  His goddess is linked under other writers cause she does write stories there, but it’s not the main focus – right now she’s on a haiku kick.  Always fun to see what she’ll come up with.  I suck at it.  Takes me too long to write a haiku.  AJ can do poetry, but it takes effort – she has to work at it.  I think she did one in high school with the whole iambic pentameter… And she wrote one about The Wheel of Time.  But that was ages ago.

Anyway.  If you are out there and would like to collaborate, share links which ever fits your needs I’m all ears.  AJ’s trying to find other readers to share me with… It’s a good thing I like sharing or I might take offense to that duckling!

Anyway, comment or shoot me an email on the contact page.  I always love talking with ya’ll.  (AJ stop making me write that southern shit!)