Game Night

Hospitality is one thing I’ve never really had to do.  I always ate alone, or when I did cook I was still a guest.  I cook for Jace and Mia regularly but it wasn’t until Sage that I actually cooked for a party.  Game Night with Sage’s friends was not something I had participated in until it was Sage’s turn to host it.  So I became defacto cook and Sage was happy to have me impress his friends with dinner.

They play board games and once and a while play video games.  I’ve gone a time or two but I’m not really into the games.  I don’t like em.  I don’t know how to play them and when I do play I end up drawing instead of playing.

Sasha has a frog I drew hanging on her fridge when we were playing pictionary.  But it’s at Sage’s house and I can’t say no when he asks me to come over and cook for him.  I’m sure AJ could write a story, but this was the first time I got to play host and brush up on my hospitality.

If you haven’t noticed this one’s a struggle for me.  And it’s mother’s day and AJ’s got a lazy day so I’m attempting not to intrude and let her sink into the bed and writing isn’t good for that.  She’ll think about my life and my story and Dev and Dee and me and Sage and all things… so I’m gonna let her do that.