Favorite Colors

Pink?  Really?  Ugh…  They say real men were pink?  I’m not a real man then cause yeah – hell no.

And it’s not because it’s girly. I fucking wear eye liner and lip gloss and pain my nails, I don’t think I’m worried about girly.  It’s an awful color!  In neon it’s bright and … bright!  Who wants to look like cotton candy?

And if it’s not neon it’s pastel, then you really look like cotton candy.

My favorite color is orange.  I think it’s my brains way of saying you aren’t afraid of Garrett!  I still freeze when I see those orange painted doors.  Bad memories lie behind them, yet I still use them regularly.  A fire proof room is a great place to let the excess energy and stresses of everyday life fly around without hurting anyone.  That’s what they are meant for – for teaching kids like me control, but to make sure no one gets hurt.

I don’t like pumpkin orange, or neon orange.  Persimmon orange is the best color to say I like.  It’s not too bright, not too dark.  Rust colored is pretty cool orange too.

But blue is becoming a very favorite of mine too for obvious reasons.  There’s more to that story, I’ll tell it one day, but AJ needs to determine exactly what it all means before I can share it all.