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Temporary? so many things are temporary. Life for one.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately – thanks AJ! Thinking about life and love and all the things that go with it. There is a grand plan. AJ shares it in an ‘out of character’ fashion. I don’t know it when I’m not rambling here. This state is temporary. You get a glimpse of the writing from my point of view. I never really thought about it that way until someone said “hey cool way of doing that.” So thanks!

But in this thinking I was asked, what would I do if I wasn’t Venatori. It’s not the first time it’s come up. It won’t be the last. But as my life angles a specific direction I see that the answer to this is “Do what you already do.”

Temporarily I could cook or teach yoga, be a fitness trainer or anything ordinarily mundane as that. But as it was pointed out to me, I have connections. I can re apply for my PI license since if I ever left the Venatori it would be null and voided – I do have one. It’s how I can do my job in NYC without the police giving me a really hard time. So I just re-certify. I work the same things I do now – in reverse. Save the supernatural creatures from the Venatori. Sounds perfect right?

In that vein, it might be beneficial to go back to school or go to school as the case may be for me since I didn’t go to college. Get a degree in criminal justice and all that comes with it to back up what I already know. When The Last Phoenix finishes it’s run, I’ll post the short stories that follow Darwynn’s Law. And then the next book in the series.


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