How to Keep Your Creator Up at Night

AJ’s never really talked about her writing process, I know it intimately, so I’ll share with you some of the shit I do to keep my creator up at night. AJ’s always been a big day dreamer. Looking back at all the times as a kid, the world dissolved into dreams AJ is just nodding. Big day dreamer. Though never when it matter, it’s always in alone time, bedtime becomes a big thing, and creates insomnia moments when AJ’s working a particular thread.

Scenarios as AJ likes to call them are things we go through at night. It can be something already written, something being worked on, or something that could happen in the future. AJ likes to have write interactively and has found a partner in crime that will let me (and him) explore our personalities outside the confines of a true world. Needless to say it’s a blast.

I’m not comfortable sharing those moments mostly because they aren’t real for me in this blog, they are scenarios AJ’s running to explore, thus I don’t get to feel them, or react to them. Except in the instances where it blows my story to hell and back. But that’s how AJ finds holes, or exciting new ideas to throw at me. The whole Dragon’s able to control Cesari came from one of those things. Me having adoptive children stems from those things. AJ had a list of names for my biological children. Still possible for them to come about, but we’ll see, the idea that I need a woman right now in the grand scope of things is kinda not working for our dynamic as of yet. Though it could. It’s sketched into the possible realm now. But we have to see how things play out.

Which leads back to the whole keeping AJ up all night. One conversation Sage and I have becomes something else. It morphed into a situation so intense AJ stayed up most of the night working through it. AJ slept on and off there are some vivid images from the lucid dreams, but we woke up a little groggy and in much need of caffeine. Sage, myself and AJ all agreed in those few panicked moments that couldn’t happen. When AJ is in tears it’s either very moving or so sad. It doesn’t take much to make AJ cry, but this wasn’t crying sob oh I’m sad, they were my tears. That was how real the pain was last night.

AJ is my creator, I live and breathe because of AJ. But if that happens dear one, we are done. I won’t talk to you ever again. That’s horrible.

I know I’m not elaborating, and I really don’t want to. But lets say that me and Sage over will never be in my cards. Not unless I’m dead… but that wasn’t what happened.