Words from our Sponsors?

Alright. Some of the bits are a bit sexy. AJ’s getting braver and will let you read them. But we are going to have to trust you are over 18… So be honest humans, no tiny people. But because I’m me and I wanted to make things difficult and make you work for it and also so that you can always find the answer I made a page specificially for it.

Its under Works -> Password Protected Posts.

You are going to have to go looking for it if you don’t know the answer to the questions.

And AJ wants me to let you all know. She created a private blog, that is where she is going to write all the new stories and transfer all her old stuff out there. Since 80% of what she writes is about me she’d like to offer some of you who have been following along for a while, the chance to read it as she writes it. Everything you’ll see will be pre edits, and you’ll see all the edits and every single thing she writes. You will also likely get notes, but AJ may make those private so you can at least have some semblance of “No spoilers”. You can comment below, Make sure you are looged in or provide a valid email address in the form…. Or you can use the contact form and email me, either way it’s up to you.