My Mentor

Today is day one of no Nano. Talk about no pressure! The daily prompt isapprentice, which leads into having an apprentice and being one.

Technically I guess I was Dae’lin’s apprentice. She was my mentor. I was her only apprentice. She took none and only took me on because Dorian pushed her. I should have AJ write that story down one day. Basically it boils down to me being a handful. My issues had started to manifest that first year in the Academy under Garrett. And culminated in my burning him on purpose. Dorian didn’t know me well then, but he knew I had the control. He’d been following my progress as my guardian. But he never contradicted Garrett’s story about it being an accident. But he moved me into Dae’lin’s care instead of leaving me with Garrett. He didn’t want to let me go.

But he talked Dae’lin into taking me because she had the discipline to help me reach my potential. All Magnus are given personal mentors to teach them to control their abilities. Usually someone of high strength and the same elements. There are very few people who can manipulate all the elements – something I could do at 5.

I think after Darwynn’s Law I’ll be taking on a few kids, maybe teaching a class. We’ll see if I’ll have my own little apprentices.