Today, I hit a pretty damn big milestone here! 100 followers. You have no idea what that means to me! Yes I’m this fictional character, but the fact that 100 people have stopped by, and followed my lonesome website where I ramble on and on about things is such an awesome feat.

I am so glad to met some of you. (AJ thanks you for taking the time to indulge me.) I enjoy talking with you, so don’t feel uncomfortable or weirded out by the fact I’m not real. Everything is ‘real’ in AJ’s story, and if something is irritating you about me, definitely say something. You aren’t going to hurt my feelings – cause not real. And it’ll help AJ get me so I don’t annoy the readers of my story – you and everyone else who happens on by.

So * flourishing bow *. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for following along. Almost 4 months in to my year long challenge, and only a couple filler posts! Even I’m impressed with that.

Again, if you want to know something post a comment, or shoot me an email, everything’s on my contact page. AJ has a lot more in store for me over the next coming months. July should be another write fest, if it’s not done before then. Who knows with AJ.

I love you all, thank you. I’m so glad I don’t bore you… if I do say something!!

21 thoughts on “100 Followers!!

      1. Is he wearing a dress? I don’t jump off buildings and hurt myself often. Jump yes. Hurt no. It’s part of a coping mechanism


      2. how did I miss this one…. grins glad I entertain you. I blame Alex on my crude behavior. He’s rubbing off… damn, sorry… bad/good morning.


    1. he resents that remark? but it was meant with nothing but love. And if he doesn’t behave we might end up doing more than rubbing :P bleach might be required again


      1. No it wasn’t all his fault, but he weren’t so cute and fun to play with I wouldn’t be in my current mood that is permeating everything AJ has been writing.

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