Into the Fire


The saying goes out of the frying pan and into the fire. I promised someone something, an exchange, and I can’t it the fuck out of my head now. Which means AJ is completely and utterly distracted and Darwynn’s Law has fell out until she can get it out of my head…

So no story today, at least not until AJ finishes what she’s writing. But if you want good stories, check out Write Together AJ and a few friends have a second thread going. You are free to jump into any of them, including mine and Alex’s. Wander randomly into the bathroom – meet a vampire or two. You’ll have fun, just ask Alex…

Anyway, hopefully AJ will finish the post she started for Darwynn’s Law this morning, but I’m preoccupying her mind outside of work…


  1. Alex: mea culpa but it was completely necessary and totally worth the delay, sorry Darwynn :D

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    1. Nox says:

      It was but AJ didn’t sleep lol


      1. Nox says:

        She says it’s okay. Coffee will help.

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