Camp Starts Tomorrow

Tomorrow will start a month long adventure. So I figured I’d better let you in on the basics before AJ starts telling the story.

Daily Prompt may be included into posts if the topic fits where the story is at on that present moment. Hopefully I can wrangle it in so I can keep the daily post connection going for the month of April. If not follow me so you don’t lose an episode of my latest adventures.

The Last Phoenix started on June 19, 2015 and lasted for about 5 days.

Human Side of the Family took place on July 4th of that same year.

Darwynn’s Law will start roughly August 10 of 2015. I will date each piece (and approximate times written), but unfortunately I can’t do that with Twitter and Instagram so ignore the dates and go with the order, but I will post an order of posts, tweets and pictures on a page here so everything is nicely ordered and collected.