Today’s prompt really didn’t call to me. Magic potions – cure alls – the elixir of life. Not really soemthing I have much to say about. However definition #3 at did

an alchemic preparation formerly believed to be capable of transmuting base metals into gold.

My original creation was a channeler for a role playing website based in a futuristic (or past) Wheel of Time world. The First Age is still a big writing draw for AJ, but she fell in love with me – rightfully so! So AJ set out to create me a world along the same basic principles – the ability to bend the five elements.

AJ pulled from the Wheel of Time and Avatar: The Last Air bender. It was during this elemental research that AJ found alchemy – the ability to change elements. Cesari was taken from Latin meaning alchemist. (see the lore book for the exact Latin word)

I could call the patterns elixirs – and actually I might here, but I like patterns and thus I’ll likely stick with it. But now that I think about it elixirs sound kinda cool. A fireball elixir – haha – sounds like a deadly alcohol drink that will leave you drunk for days.


As a reminder. Camp NaNoWriMo starts April 1. The tag here will be Darwynn’s Law. Twitter and Instagram will be used. I’ll try to link in the whole conversations but those probably won’t all show up the day of the post – so follow me and Sage there to see it as it happens – live (sorta).

I will be spending thirty days out in the woods with a bunch of teenage boys teaching them the ins and outs of survival and hunting in the big bad wilderness of the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Come see what trouble I get into! Cause you know I will.

The last reminder – April’s camp will follow a few months AFTER The Last Phoenix so pick it up and read before April 1.