Born to the Purple

I could have gone with purple with rage, but that really didn’t define anything new in my life, nor do I think I’m an angry person. Sure I’ve been pissed off and angry – who hasn’t. But it’s not something I can go on about. However the other idiom – born to the purple this I can. It typically indicates born to the royals – the nobility – the aristocracy basically.

And despite my actual birth and lack of knowledge I was born to the purple. My father is a Viddens. His father before him, and so on one – for countless generations the Viddens’ have been one of the ruling families of the Venatori. There are eight ruling families. And the leader of our race is one man, who is counciled by the council of 8 ruling families.

  • Jose Vega – Scrin (Dorian’s grandfather)
  • Kai Viddens – Venatori (Magnus)
  • Matias Rivera – Magnus (Dae’lin’s father)
  • Asher Eriksen – Scrin
  • Lynne Dowager – Scrin
  • Stephanie Stone – Venatori
  • Matthew Haskins – Venatori
  • Pierre Eskridge – Scrin (Magnus)

We are lead by Mark Green, who is the oldest and most powerful Magnus alive. He is NMC5 – exactly my rank and designation. And I am stronger than Mark Green by leaps and bounds. Which is a whole other story and something that is going to play out in future stories. It’s important to know this, but it’s irrelevant at the time.

Back in times of yore, the Venatori survived like most supernatural creatures. The most powerful ruled, they made the rules, they enforced the rules. Once upon a time, the ruling families changed – each successor killed their predecessor. But the more ‘civilized’ the Venatori became the less that happened, and the ruling families passed down to the oldest heir. Such is the way of it now. Dae’lin will follow her father on the council. Dorian’s father Emilio will follow his grandfather, and Sahara will follow Emilio once his time is done. Adam will follow my father into the council role. Nick and myself are the youngest sons and neither of us bear the Viddens’ name.

However, the leader of the Venatori still follows the old rules of succession – the successor must kill the leader to his place. It typically happens when the current leader is old and senial. And after the council has chosen the best person to take the place. So, having said that – despite the fact I am stronger, than any known magnus alive today – I would never rule the Venatori. The only way that happens is if I kill Mark Green in cold blood – which goes against everything I stand for.


My name is Nox Sétanta. I am first and foremost a fictional character escaped from the mind of my creator AJ. In layman's terms I'm a magic wielding monster hunter born to my human mother and my Venatori father.

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