Omnipotent Narration

AJ doesn’t like writing in omnipotent pov but here is the first time Sage and I met in that PoV.

Aspect catered to nearly every type of club goer. There was loud music playing throughout the darkened club, multi-colored strobe lights shining around the dance floor. The bar was fully stocked with bartenders who knew how to put on a good show for their clientele. Upstairs was full of circular booths that looked down on the dance floor. The wait staff was wearing clothes that left very little to the imagination. The girls wore short skirts with skin tight black tights and shirts that shown as much cleave. The few men who waited on customers around the club were shirtless wearing tight fitting black jeans. The club was selling sex but it tried to hide it in plain sight.

Every Friday night Aspect had live music to bring in different types of people. On the line up this Friday was a local DJ mixing old school dance with new technology and instrumentation.

The line outside was long, it wound around the corner and Sage groaned before their little blonde haired birthday-girl pulled them to the front of the line. They expected to be sent packing but Alice brushed up against the large bulky door man wearing a black bouncer shirt that was two sizes too small. Sage was surprised he could fold his arms in front of him without popping a seam. He didn’t like that much muscle on a body, but it was impressive none-the-less.

Alice cooed into the bouncer’s ear, holding her drivers license out for inspection. “It’s my birthday.” She battered her eye lashes and gave him a well-practiced pout. “Can you let me and my friends in?”

The bouncer took the license and glanced at it and with a smile he removed the velvet rope keeping people from stepping past him and let the four of them through. Bryan was the last one through before the rope was reattached to the pedestal, Sage smiled as his friend through Sasha handed the man a fifty in thanks. They had all forked over a little extra for the money they were spending on Alice tonight – it was her birthday.

The club was no different than the last two they had been two. The music was loud, the dance floor was crowded and the alcohol was overpriced. Sasha had informed Sage that it was his turn to babysit the birthday girl. Her and Bryan had watched her the last two clubs. He only nodded as he followed his charge through the crowd of people milling through the club as they half danced, half walked around others and the tables.

Alice went straight for the bar and Sage took up post several spaces down so not to interfere with her ability to pick up guys. He tried not to stare too much, but it’s hard to watch someone and not stare. Sage ordered a beer from the bartender as he stopped in front of him. He gave the other man a smile and a thanks when he went off to take the rest of the orders. The bartenders unlike the other men on the floor were wearing shirts – almost a pity. But they were putting on a different kind of show flipping their bottles of liquor, adding flames to drinks to show the alcohol content among other fanciful tricks that Sage wasn’t interested in at the moment. Another time he might have watched the bartenders preforming their tricks and slight of hand. He had to make sure Alice was safe.

Sage sipped at his cold stout beer as Nox approached the small blond at the other end of the bar. He leaned down, wrapping an arm around Alice and started talking into her ear. Alice shivered at his breath on her neck and turned to look at him over her shoulder as he said, “Hey, Duckling. You look all lonely here by yourself.”

The smile she gave Nox reached her big blue eyes. “My sister is dancing with her boyfriend.” She wasn’t alone, at least not in her adventure, but they had left her alone. Sage watched carefully trying to not look like he was staring. Nox noticed the blueness of the other man’s eyes but was distracted by the delivery of Alice’s drink.

Nox plucked it from her hands gently. Sage noticed the painted on color matched the crimson tips in Nox’s hair. Nox brought the drink to his lips and set it down with a wave of his hand he called the bartender over. “You don’t want this.” He ordered her a sex on the beach before turning back to Alice with a playful grin, “You need something a little more sexy than a rum and coke.”

Nox raised his gaze to Alice’s watcher his chocolate brown eyes locked with the other man’s blue and Nox whispered into her ear, “A friend of yours?”

Alice answered with a smile of her own. “My sister’s best friend.”

“Let’s give him a little show, Duckling.” Nox purred into her ear while Sage watched their interchange. Alice stood carefully and took Nox’s hand and they moved to the edge of the dance floor. She wrapped her arms around Nox’s neck and his attention was on the girl in front of him, but he could feel Sage’s eyes on him. Being watched seemed to turn both Nox and Alice on as they moved to the beat of the music pouring from the speakers.

The music moved them and Sage watched. Alice whispered to Nox, “Do you like him watching us? We can move farther in?” To add emphasis to her question Alice ground her body against Nox’s leg which extracted a soft growl from his throat.

“It’s all good, Duckling.” Nox wanted Sage to watch. He enjoyed the feeling of his eyes on him and it made the feeling of the girl in front of him that much more enjoyable.

Several songs later, Sasha came from out of the crowd along the dance floor and grabbed Alice by the hand and they walked off in the direction of the restroom. It was a classic girl move and Nox smiled now that he could go talk to Sage standing at the bar. As he got closer he saw just how blue Alice’s friend’s eyes were. Deep sapphire blue, Nox could almost get lost in them.

He leaned on the bar next to Sage with a grin and asked, “Enjoying the show?”

Sage smiled brightly at Nox with raised eyebrows. “I am.”

“She your girlfriend?” Nox asked wanting to know the answer – who was he watching.

Sage shook his head. “My best-friend’s sister. Just looking out for her.” He confirmed what Alice had said. At least they were keeping their stories straight, Nox thought.

Nox ordered two beers while he waited for the girls to return. Tired of being coy, he asked with a grin. “So you checking her out?” The two beers were set in front of Nox and he deftly picked one up, took Sage’s empty bottle from his hand and placed the new in it’s place with a smile before taking the other and sipping at it while he waited for the answer.

Sage returned Nox’s toothy grin with one of his own and a quick wink. “No.” The way he said it made Nox’s skin tingle. Nox enjoyed the fact that he’d been the object of Sage’s gaze. But he didn’t get a chance to respond when Alice came up behind him. Her arms wrapped around him. She deposited a warm cloth in the hand behind Nox’s back as Sasha took Sage’s new beer from him with a sly smile.

Alice whispered in Nox’s ear so only he could hear in the loud music, “I’m not wearing any panties.” Nox turned quickly to face her closing his fingers tightly around what she’d given him knowing what it was now. He grinned at her before he leaned over and whispered into Sage’s ear. “You can finish this. Maybe I’ll see you around.” Nox handed Sage the second beer and took Alice off to the dance floor.

This time Sage watched as Nox and Alice waded into the crowd and got lost in the darkness. He felt a slight stab of disappointment as he sipped at the beer Nox had started.

Sasha gave Sage a wide grin. “You wanted to hook up with him.”

Sage shook his head. “I don’t hook up. You know that. He’s pretty though.” Pretty wasn’t exactly the word he would have used, but it was all he was willing to share with Sasha on the subject of his fancies.

Sasha laughed. “Do you want to dance? Bryan’s playing pool.” She rolled her eyes – her boyfriend was always leaving her for a good game.

Sasha and Sage danced to a few songs together, not the way Nox and Alice had. – their relationship was far too platonic for such closeness. Alice found them and pulled them both by the hand off the dance floor to find Bryan. She had a stupid smile on her face and her friend was no where to be seen. Sage was slightly disappointed he didn’t get to see Nox again.

Bryan was still playing pool. He was in the middle of a double or nothing game. They had to wait for his game to finish before they could leave.

Alice curled up to Sage as they watched Bryan clear the table. She put her head on his shoulder and looked up into his blue eyes. “He was so hot. Wasn’t he?”

Sage grinned. “He was. You were safe?! Did you have a good time?”

Alice nodded. “Yes. You should have joined us.”

Sage’s eyes widen in surprise but before he could say anything Alice’s eyes were closed and she was breathing heavily against him. Sage pulled her closer and held on tighter as she slept while standing up against him. It wasn’t the first time, and it probably wouldn’t be the last time. Sometimes he wondered who’s best friend he really was – Sasha’s or Alice’s.