Worst Classmate?

Write about one of the worst classmates or coworkers you’ve ever had.

Now this is not a hard one. My worst classmate was Aaron Woolbright. I met him the first day I came to the Academy. Dorian dropped me off with Mr. Lance in the boys dormitory and told me he’d be back first thing in the morning. I was in very capable hands of Mr. Lance.

Mr. Lance introduced me to Aaron – also a new boy – also a firestarter – and my roommate.

That was where the problems started. I was five. My mother had just abandoned me. I had flown in an airplane and I was still a terrified little boy. I clung to my stuffed dragon Mushu (yes from Mulan! I had a thing for dragons.)

Aaron took Mushu from me in his first attempt at trying to push me over. I was upset and angry and I lit our room on fire. The bedding went up in flames, alarms blared throughout the compound and my fear and anxiety ratcheted up past 100%. In the fight for Mushu, he landed in fire and that was when Dorian pulled me out of the burning room to save my life. He was the only one I wouldn’t struggle against when he wrapped his strong arms around me. He was safe. He smelled like cookies – vanilla and cinnamon. He was safe, but Mushu was gone.

Aaron and I remained roommates until we graduated the Academy together. He continued to torment me through the next 13 years. And he tries to torment me now, but he seems to forget I don’t have to play nice anymore and I floor him every time. I cheat in his eyes, but he’s faster and stronger and I’m only human, I don’t consider using my ability as cheating anymore than he does his Venatori speed or strength.

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