Admirable Classmates?

Write about one of the most admirable classmates or coworkers you’ve ever had.

I’m not sure I had any admirable classmates. There wasn’t anyone I looked up to in school. Dylan was my first crush, but he was the jock sort of person and not exceptionally smart. He was a great swimmer.

There was Madison, but she was just my first. And only because I was in the right place at the right time. It wasn’t even really about attraction.

I suppose the closest to admirable would be Jace – my best friend. And not because he’s my best friend though that is a pretty awesome feat in and of itself. See Jason Hill comes from a southern farm family. The Hills are rich and have a large farm that feeds a good share of the Venatori population in NYC and around the world. Jace is the only Magnus in his family and relatively speaking he’s a weak Magnus. By nature of his ability he’s a EN3 in Air and Earth. But Jace can’t actually create an element unless he’s actually touching the element. Which is technically a 1. But because once he touches it he can create it from thin air he’s a 3. It’s rare that something like that happens. It’s usually a pretty linear feat from 1 to 5.

So why is that admirable? To me he overcame his limitations. Jace found the means to overcome his problem to get better and stronger. Air is a simple feat, we survive in a plethora of air, it’s always touching your skin. But earth, it’s there, but see his block is probably more mental than not though no one could break it, so Jace carries around a small bag of sand in his pocket at all times. Earth at the ready.

Jace and I have done some pretty wild things with air and earth – like jump off the top of one of the highest buildings in New York City just because we knew we could do it. I do it regularly as a means to conquer my fears and be in control of something that is out of control normally.

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