I could go into exercise and my health nut ways, but I’m not. Going to take another route – diddly-squat! As in I know nothing about the real world.

I never went to school like a normal human child. School consisted of learning how to do magic, the basics of human life, things like reading, writing, basic math, and lots of science. Part of the Venatori way was to know enough of the things humans thought of as ‘magic’ and their explanations for it. Some Scrin, even study the multitude of religions to help teach us about the best way to defeat the magics of the supernatural.

If I weren’t a Venatori hunter I would be completely and totally lost in the real world. AJ has a book planned where I have to do just that – live in the real world as a human. But we’ll see if it ever gets that far. It’s scary. I’ve thought about it a lot recently – with the new idea that I don’t live for just myself. There are people who love me and I love back – does living a dangerous life really make sense? But could I really live in the real world?

WTF would I do? My skill set is rather limited. I can cook, but do I cook well enough to make a career of it? I can fight, but do I do it well enough to teach it or become a professional? The only thing I excel at is my magical ability – and that won’t get me very far in the human world.

So what do I do? Let Sage take care of me, be a stay at home dad? Be a bum? What would I do?