It’s Valentine’s Day. What do I plan on doing? I have no expectations. Technically this is my first Valentine’s day where I actually had a significant other. Someone to share with.

Normally it was just another day – if it fell on Friday or Saturday I’d go party, if it fell during the week I did nothing really – except work.

This year with Sage? Well I don’t have plans – he doesn’t have plans. At least he better not or I’m going to feel the complete jerk. A cozy night in – hell I’ll even break my normal dinner to make him something special. I’ll even watch some superhero flick on the TV with him if that’s his desire. All I want is to spend the day with him, but we both have to work so tonight will suffice.

It’s such an odd feeling to have someone in my life that makes me feel this way, but hey it was about damned time – as Jace says.