Write about how a person can tell if they’re really in love. If you don’t know, write about how you don’t know.

I have never been in love. Well not before Sage anyway. And in present timeline I’ve still not fallen in love – I’m falling though.

How did I know I was falling for him? It was pretty simple for me – I had never felt like that before. He made me weak in the knees from a mere glance or touch. I wanted to spend time with him – to the point that I would push aside all my fear and my anxiety just to see his beautiful blue eyes again. To see his bright smile looking at me.

I never let anyone close. I did it so no one could hurt me. I am terrified Sage will leave me like everyone else has that I loved. That he’ll hate me for things I’ve yet to do. My mother messed me up pretty bad. I’ve had people love me before Sage, but none that I wanted to love me like that.

Dorian loves me – but it’s not the same. Jace loves me too, and Mia. But none of it is what I needed. There is something about finding that one person who makes your life worth living – worth getting up for – or in my case, staying in bed for when my nightmares wake me up. He is my everything…

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