I wish I had saved yesterday’s post for today’s topic. It fit very well here and not so off topic as yesterday.

Life gets overwhelming at times. As you begin to read “The Last Phoenix” you’ll see a few of my coping mechanisms. You’ll see the people who help me cope. But you’ll learn as I do how much I need someone special.

Since you meet Sage in scene 2 and then coming up in a few days again. I’ll spill a little bit about him, or about his creation anyway.

I’ve mentioned Sage came from a cyborg ish type character before but not the specifics. AJ has attempted to play hackers before, but Katya didn’t sit well with AJ. Katya died a horrible death that caused unforeseen problems for others. (Awesome turn of events by the way). AJ needed to create an American character that could potentially write with someone that they were trying to get back into the game. AJ started hacking away at characters in the endless expanse that I came from and stumbled upon a hacker who had been following this other character for years – cyber stalking him.

And to make things interesting AJ made his parents evil – they experimented on him – putting a computer processing system in his head when he was five. What the fuck AJ – why five! Anyway, Sage was born.

He’s a bit creepy in the stalker factor but has a high moral line in his hacking. Sage fell in love with the character and thus my Sage was born.

He’s a technopath – meaning his hacking ability is enhanced by his magical connection to machines and electricity and the likes. Sage’s parents died when he was only 3 – no experimenting for him – but that leaves him to bounce from foster home to foster home because his ability needs to be trained and honed in order for him to be a functioning human. Support which he would have received from his parents had they not died.

Sage is adopted by the Morgans and he has one sister – Danny and Rosellas naturally born daughter, Carla. There are lots of secrets I don’t want to share yet about this – you’ll read them if you check out the Last Phoenix.