All Venatori have keen senses. Being half human you are lucky to get parts of the Venatori genetics at all. Some Minorem don’t get any unique abilities of the Venatori. Other’s get partial, and some on very rare occasions keep all Venatori abilities. I’m like most Minorem. I have heightened senses, the ability to heal quickly, and a unique mental ability to interpret patterns. I do not have the physical attributes of the Venatori. I’m human strong, fast and agile. My abilities fall into the normal range of human capabilities. Maybe a little on the high scale, but that is due to actually training to do it – like I said well within human range.

So having said that as a child scents were a big part of my life. Recently I posted two short stories – Scent of Safety and Apple Pie. These two stories are actually connected by the same scents.

When I was a child my mother baked apple pies. I’m pretty sure I’ve written about this a few times. The smell of cinnamon and vanilla are two very predominant smells in the kitchen when your sense of smell is heightened. It was a comforting memory. And the smell still are. When Dorian smelled comforting I immediately trusted him. And I trust him with my life.

There are other smells that are triggers for me – bad triggers. The day my mother left me with Dorian was traumatic for my five year old self. My mother smelled like dirt and cigarette smoke that day. I’ve since come to learn it wasn’t dirt but Patchouli she smelled like. Either smell sends my anxiety into overdrive. I don’t hang out at bars or clubs where you can smoke, thankfully New York city as a smoking ban in nearly every restaurant and public place. Yay for human laws.

As Venatori we can switch our senses on and off, unfortunately for me, I’m unable to do it with my sense of smell. Everything is always on. I’ve learn to ignore it most of the time, but sometimes it’s not possible. That is part of my human genetics.